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If you’re not sure about how to use Facebook for your business, now’s the time to explore the many ways to make it work for you.

Facebook is the king of social networks and as such, almost doesn’t need an introduction.  It is likely that you are already familiar with Facebook and probably have your own profile. With over a billion users, it’s the biggest social network with a user base that is still growing.

As with other social media platforms, Facebook allows businesses to build a community with the potential of turning a proportion of those community members into customers. By clearly showcasing a combination of the attractiveness of your goods and services, your customer service and your brands personality and/or USPs, you can use Facebook to attract new customers to you and foster brand loyalty in your existing customers.  Just like on your website, your aim is to make people stick around long enough that you get the opportunity to persuade them to buy in to your brand  and become a customer.

Don’t make the mistake of using Facebook like a one-way sales channel. Bombard your Facebook fans with offer after offer, and you’ll find this is the quickest way to lose potential customers (unless you have a deal based business model such as Groupon or Wowcher).  As a rule, no one wants constant hard sell filling up their timeline. The key to successful use of Facebook for businesses lies in your ability to engage followers, listen to them and to balance the content you are publishing.

What’s the point of Facebook?

Facebook provides businesses with the ability to create and grow an engaged community of customers and potential sales leads.
Building communities and individual relationships

Facebook provides an excellent means by which a company can not only demonstrate their expertise in any given area, but they can actively create a brand personality, in keeping with brand values and marketing strategy and promote their unique selling points.

Facebook is all about engagement and adding value. As a result of reaching out to your customers, you’ll obtain highly valuable insights that will shape your communications (extending to other social networks and even transferable to your traditional marketing channels), making them even more effective.

How To Create A Facebook Page For Your Business…

We can do this for you for a small once-off fee (see below) and believe us, you'll be glad you did as getting image sizes correct in your profile & cover pictures, as well as all the info about your business setup, will take you a much longer time. Once we've setup, we hand over to you and you take over from there with a professional looking Facebook page.

How To Market Your Business With Facebook…

While businesses can easily create a Web presence on Facebook, entrepreneurs have to understand the unspoken rules of engagement in order to make their Facebook fan page work hard for their business. A NY Times article points out specific things entrepreneurs must keep in mind when using Facebook for business:
1) Start small.
2) It’s not all about selling (i.e. useful related tips & articles will keep people engaged).
3) Aim at potential customers only.


Cardinal Rules


  • decide what your objective is
  • create an engaging fan page
  • use your page to communicate with customers


  • be too formal or business-like on your personal profile page
  • post irrelevant links or comments that could damage your brand
  • ignore comments on your fan page
10 ways to promote your business on facebook

2015 Facebook Page Creation


Total Once-off Setup:

Price Includes:
– Creation of Cover & Profile images to correct Facebook size
– Setup of privacy settings & all general company information
– Facebook address

Does not inlucde:
Linking from existing site
Creation of posts
Prices quoted on this page exclude VAT.