Connecting your business to the planet,
   Needn't cost you the earth!

Why is it important?

Online presence management is critical for businesses in today's connected world. Your customers are looking online for information about products & services and make decisions to buy (both in-store and online) based on what they see & find online. Thats why having an up-to-date website that they can find easily when searching is critical. Your online presence includes:

  • Your website
  • SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) to ensure decent rankings on Google
  • Your Facebook page and other social media feeds
  • Email communication with your customers

We know that you're busy do what you do best: Running your business. Let us help you by doing what we do best: Managing your online presence.


How does it work?

You pay for a certain number of hours from us each month and we we undertake whatever work you need us to do within the allowed timeframe which can include:

  • Updates to your website
  • Ongoing SEO (Search engine optimisation) to your website to improve your organic rankings
  • Creating professional e-newsletters for you to send out to your customers
  • Setting up and creating content for your Facebook page
  • Developing 'how to' and other videos for your products & services

If you have not used all your bundled hours during the month for specific tasks (eg: specific website updates, a newsletter etc) we will send you a reminder on the 20th of each month. If we havent heard back from you by the 25th, we will automatically utilise the time left over undertaking critical SEO work on your website. So nothing is ever wasted!



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Below are our bundled pricing packages. The more time you buy each month, the less it costs you per hour. Buy as little or as much as you think you need.

Hours per month Cost per month  Effective Discount
1 R350 11%
3 R 995.00 16%
4 R 1,295.00  18%
5 R 1,495.00  24%
8 R 2,250.00 29%
10  R 2,750.00 30%
More than 10 R250 per hour 36%

All prices quoted exclude VAT             

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Q: How many hours do I need to buy each month?
A: That obviously depends on how often & varied your online needs are. We suggest starting with a small package and building from there if required. Remember, you can upgrade at any time.

Q: Is there a minimum contract period?
A: Yes, we require a minimum of a 6 month contract.

Q: What if I need more than my bundled hours in any 1 month?
A: If its a once-off thing, we will bill you our out of bundle rate of R395 per hour. Alternatively, if it happens regularly we suggest you upgrade to the appropriate package to meet your needs. We will always inform you in advance how long a specific task will take and to get your approval, so no surprises!

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