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The PAIA Deadline is looming with 31 December 2015 being the cutoff date.

Have you created and submitted your PAIA manual to the SA Human Rights commission and have you got a copy of it on your website?

If not, we can do this for you in 4 easy steps as follows:

  • Download our PAIA questionaire form here, complete and send it back to us

  • We will then create your compliant PAIA manual with all correct formatting & information for your company

  • We will send a copy of your PAIA manual to the SA Human Rights Commission on your behalf

  • We will add your PAIA manual to your website

All of this for only R595+VAT!

Who Needs to submit a PAIA manual?

According to the Act, all public and private bodies must have a PAIA Manual (also known as a Section 51 Manual).

In terms of section 51 of PAIA, the head of a private body must:

  • compile a section 51 manual which is a roadmap of the company (downloadable generic template)
  • submit the manual to the South African Human Rights Commission once
  • effect material changes if any each time these occur and resubmit to the SAHRC
  • manuals must be submitted to SAHRC head office
  • update any material changes on the manual on a regular basis;
  • make the manual available as prescribed by the Act at the company offices and on their website;
  • must  annex a request form to the manual and  also make request form available on the website and at the company premises access points;

There are penalties for non compliance – please see section 90 of PAIA.

The manual must among others contain the following information:

  • details of the company’s postal, email and street address, fax and phone of the company,
  • the description of available records generated by the company stating those which are automatically available and those that are available on request.
  • outline the request procedure in terms of PAIA;
  • state who the head of the company is (CEO is usually the  Information Officer in terms of PAIA)
  • stipulate the fees applicable as legislated by the Act which are chargeable to requesters
  • remedies available to requesters if their request for information has been refused
  • details facilitating request for access to a record etc.
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