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ADSL (Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line) provides a broadband connection to Telkom's data network. Telkom does not guarantee any throughput speeds on an ADSL access line. ADSL operates over the same pair of copper wires that is used for telephone service, and is provided only in conjunction with a POSTPAID telephone service (you cannot get ADSL on a prepaid phone line).

You can make and receive calls or send a fax and surf the Internet at the same time all on the same line. Telkom's ADSL access service will offer you an always-available connection with no dial-up necessary, no more waiting to establish a connection and no more busy signals. You will not be billed for your connection time when you make use of Telkom's ADSL access service. You pay a set monthly fee for the ADSL line enablement and a set monthly fee for the bandwidth you use (mostly uncapped now).

Whats the difference between capped & uncapped ADSL?
The performance of Capped accounts and Uncapped accounts differ in subtle ways. Generally Uncapped ADSL runs off a higher 'contention ratio' than Capped ADSL.

This means that generally more users are allocated to share a certain amount of bandwidth in Uncapped than in Capped. This means that the number of users downloading at any one time affects Uncapped more than Capped who enjoy a premium quality of bandwidth. At any given moment if a lot of users are busy simultaneously downloading, then Uncapped will be slower than Capped.

A very simplistic metaphor for this would be:

Uncapped is like eating at a Pizza place on 'All You Can Eat' night. The speed you get your separate single slices of pizza delivered to you is dependent on how busy the restaurant is at that moment. This means it may take slightly longer to eat a whole pizza but you can eat more over time.
Capped is like eating at that same Pizza place but ordering the pizza size you want off the menu – you'll get your full pizza quicker and can eat it faster but you have a set amount to enjoy.

In essence Capped is a premium service if speed is a massive issue to you. If speed isnt a huge concern but your bandwidth requirements are heavy (i.e. you do a lot of downloading and uploading) then Uncapped is the way to go.

You will find that the speed of Capped vs. Uncapped most differs during office hours – Thus if speed is of primary importance to you during office hours then Capped may be the best solution for you or if your internet connection is critical to your business function, Diginet is something you should be looking at.



  1MB   R199pm 
             2MB    R299pm
                  4MB   R399pm 
  10MB      R899pm
  20MB    R1250pm
  40MB    R1795pm

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mobile data



  1GIG   R99pm 
             2GIG   R195pm
                  4GIG   R335pm 
  6GIG      R460pm
  8GIG    R605pm
  10GIG    R699pm

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