Website Performance Factors

W WHO is finding your site? Is it just other marketers, or are legitimate businesses who need what you offer, finding you?


ENGAGING – Is your website content engaging your prospective customers.


BROKEN LINKS – Do all your website links work? Google hates broken links and will penalise your site if you have broken links on it.


SEO – Is your site properly search engine optimised? Are you coming up organically on the first page of Google for your most important keywords?


INTERACTION – Are you encouraging clients to be interactive on your website with forms, surveys, polls, reviews?


TRACKING – Do you have Google Analytics setup to track the traffic that is coming to your website so that you know whats working for you?


EDITING SOFTWARE – Are you easily able to edit and add information to your website to keep it up to date and current without breaking the bank? Google favours website that are updated regularly.
website performance factors