August 2019

5 Ways Your Outdated Website Is Damaging Your Business

We all love vintage, right? Vintage cars, vintage clothes, vintage wine…the list goes on. However, as a business owner who’s worked hard to build your company and provide products and services to your customers – you do not want a vintage website!

A well-designed, modern, up-to-date website can play an important role in the way you do business and gain new customers. But did you know that your website can also have the opposite effect if it has not been properly maintained and upgraded over time?

Here are just a few ways old and outdated websites hurt your business:


1.No Responsive Code, Not Mobile Friendly 


Without a mobile-friendly website, your business is missing out on more than 50% of ALL online traffic. Google is also demoting websites listed in their search results due to this issue which could mean far fewer visitors to your site.


2.Slow and Unreliable 


Depending upon the age of the site, older code may be experiencing problems with modern web browsers. If your site loads slowly or frequently experiences issues with uptime, using a free or low-budget hosting solution could also be to blame.


3.You Receive a lot of Phone Calls and Questions 


Websites are supposed to solve problems, like saving you time and marketing your products & services. If your website is small, outdated, slow or not particularly informative, this often leaves visitors with more questions than answers.


4.You’re Embarrassed to Send Customers to Your Site 


This situation is actually not that uncommon. Websites can become outdated without the proper maintenance and attention to detail. Design trends also change often, so maintaining a contemporary design keeps your appearance professional and polished.


5.Stale Content or Lack of Function 


Outdated website content can be confusing and frustrating for site visitors. Search engines prefer to see activity and updates taking place within your website on a regular basis.
If you are in need of a website redesign, contact us for a free no-obligation consultation to discuss your specific business goals. We build websites that solve problems and help you succeed. Don’t let an old website hold your business back!


Outdated Websites Hurt Your Business – We can help!

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What is SEO

SEO (or search engine optimisation),  is the term applied to the various strategies implemented to improve search engine rankings.
In simple terms, it is the difference between your website being visible on page one of a Google search versus page fifty-six.

Search engines displays websites links according to how relevant it is to the keyword and whether it is authorititive.
Whether your website was established six years ago, has heavy traffic or you are starting out your new home business, traffic is of great importance to a website because every visitor is a chance of generating a sale. Or at the the worst, adding to your brand awareness: A chance for your products to be recognised.
SEO is an organic way of attracting visitors to your website. This is as opposed to paying for the click-through’s to it using Adwords or Facebook PPC (pay-per-click).
By making simple changes to your website, you increase the attractiveness of your page to a search engine, meaning that your ranking can rise and from there you get a traffic increase of visitors to your website.